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Senior Contributor

My son is doing well

Hello eveyone,

I would just like to inform everyone that my son is doing great.


The new meds he is taking seems to be agreeing with him and this makes me so darn pleased I just cannot tell u all in words how much a relief this feels for me.  I believe now he is standing alone and really taking ownership of his illness.  In my eyes he is still a young man but it seems like overnight or so he has grown mentally and whoa ive waited so long it is heartwarming for me totally.  Thank you all for the kind words of support which I really needed I just wish I had of found this forum a long time ago.  The old saying better late than never.  Have a geat day everyone and love to you all. Time


Re: My son is doing well

Hi @Time

Glad to read that your son is doing well. Seems like there's a lot more stability in both your lives. Smiley Happy

Take care, thecolourblue

Re: Maybe i spoke to soon

Hi @thecolourblue and @greenpea I think i spoke to soon.  My son had an episode while in hospital which is sad but at least they saw the trigger.  He lost his sunglasses during addmission and no can find.  This sent him on a spiral.  They hospital staff if they cannot find after calling everywhere he has been they will reimburse him the cost which s great hope they told him this.  When i get the chance i will.  He had moved fro high depedency to low in 1 week thought that great but maybe too soon.  Maybe smaller steps required.  But im doing ok im just hoping staff can help him manage anger issues.  Time

Re: Maybe i spoke to soon

Hi @Time

The road to remission is rarely smooth.  Even if your son engages with treatment there will likely be continuing ups and downs.

Re: Maybe i spoke to soon

@Darcy thanks Darcy yep i thought it was to quick.  Looks like a long rd ahead.  Ill just have to hang on to this forum and whereever the support leads to.  Time

Re: Maybe i spoke to soon


First steps are often the hardest ... one step in front of the other.



Re: My son is doing well

Hi @Time,


i also have have a son with MI.  We have good hours, days and weeks and we have times that are not so great too.  Recovery is not linear unfortunately and something My husband and I have learnt to deal with.  It certainly keeps us on our toes.  Make the most of the times when he is doing well, because you need to keep your strength and health for the down times.  Irrespective, you are doing an amazing job....remember that.  


Re: Maybe i spoke to soon

Hi @Time I'm sorry for the late reply. I'm not on the forums as often. Sorry to read that things have not been as good as you might have hoped. But the very positive thing I am reading from your posts is that you acknowledge that it may be a longer road than you were expecting and small steps are appreciated. 

Taking care of oneself when caring for others is a difficult balance but it's important nontheless. I wish you and your son all the best.


Re: Maybe i spoke to soon

How are you going @Time?

Re: Maybe i spoke to soon

Im going ok @Darcy going to the GP with my son this afternoon. He has gone back to his old habits which makes me want to scream at him but ill bite my tongue as per etc, He my son really needs an outlet not sure what as im not him but I think im correct he needs out of his head and out of his boredom. Blind Freddy can see this except him !!

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