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Our stories


Looking after ourselves - our stories

Hi Tatsinda

I liked your recent post re: looking after ourselves on 13th Feb. Can relate to the exhaustion and dilemma of "living on eggshells". As I have said in the past, Al-Anon Family Groups can really help with that dilemma. Members learn to get on with their own lives and start to take the focus off their partner (where possible).. Some contributors have been writing a "Gratitude List" using the alphabet, which may sound a bit basic, but it helps maintain a positive frame of mind and gratitude for the simple things in life. If your husband or his parents grew up in a family where there was drinking, he may be suffering from the effects of the disease of alcoholism as an "adult child or grandchild" of an alcoholic.The effects move through the generations!

Helpline is: 1300 252 666

With best wishes



Re: Looking after ourselves - our stories

Hi there, I'm just going to tag @Tatsinda so they see this post Smiley Happy


Thanks for posting your thoughts Smiley Happy

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