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Re: Life can be a Pain

ohh yes my second mum @Dec , glad to hear you are feling a bit better

and your daughter too , hope she still rests for a few more days xx

Many couples divorce after the loss of a child--- that why this  is the other reason mum left dad as well because dad was glad the baby died as he did not want another child

and then he started emotional / mental abused on me

so mum now has ben single for 44 years Heart

Re: Life can be a Pain

@Dec  Your ‘ ramblings’ as you call them, are interesting and inspiring conversations, so keep ‘ rambling ‘.

Good to hear you daughter is on the mend. Always scary dealing with the unknown.


Weather warming up seems to be happening everywhere now. We are headed for a very pleasant weekend.


I do agree with separateing if one person is doing all the doing. Though my husband ended our marriage by having an affair, I realised so much was wrong, just couldn’t face it back then. It’s been hard, but I’ve managed, like you, good and bad. Life is unpredictable.


Heading for my second coffee. ☕️☕️💜💜💜🐸

Re: Life can be a Pain

Hi @Shaz51 


I'm so sorry you had a younger brother or sister and it died - and I can understand your father not wanting any more children but being glad the baby died - that is just plain bad and it is such a traumatic thing to have happen - I am glad your mother decided to move on - enough if enough - I know from different experience


And mental and emotional abuse is really bad too - it may not leave physical scars but it leaves marks in the spirit - your father sounds like one bad number - I am so sad for your sake



Re: Life can be a Pain

Hi @Maggie 


A marriage doesn't have to be dramatically bad for a need to be there to end it


But an affair - that is a form of betrayal - and that would be really hard to take


I'm sorry you had that happen but then - in spite of the challenges a single life isn't all bad


When I found myself single, had a job, was doing my Honours Year at University and had a new car I really enjoyed my second adolescence - enjoying the freedom I had never had before



Re: Life can be a Pain

Hi @Maggie @Shaz51 @Gazza75 @BlueBay @Sherry @eth 


It's Monday again and hot for a short while apparently - I took time out for the weekend - with the warmer weather I feel better about going outside and doing small things in the garden - generally enjoyed myself - I made my favourite oatmeal cookies yesterday - I haven't cooked those for a while - I tried sprinkling vanilla sugar over them before I put them in the oven - that was interesting - I like it


It took a while but I seem to have recovered from the migraine I had last weekend - or was it something I ate - I will never know - I didn't eat the rest of the meatloaf and the great vegies I had roasted at the same time - it looked so good too but I will not take the risk 


It's warm but peaceful here this afternoon but I will be going out for a while soon -  Just catching up with a few people while I have the chance




thU0YXCMGF.jpgI'm choosing to enjoy this Monday

Re: Life can be a Pain

glad you are feeling a bit better my second mum @Dec Heart

It is finally raining here -- yaaaa , not sure how much we will get

we have a low up here , but hoping it might just be rain and not a cyclone

@Maggie, @Gazza75 , @BlueBay 

Re: Life can be a Pain

@Dec  Outside doing small things, it’s lovely seeing colour, hearing sounds and feeling warm, ( though hopefully not too warm). Small pleasures. 💜💜💜


Oatmeal cookies, yum, with vanilla sugar, yummier. 🍪🍪🍪

I hope to make some jam once strawberries and raspberries are in season. Not too big a batch, just a few jars. It’s a plan I Hope eventuates.


It’s Good you are over whatever it was last week. I hope your time out yesterday was enjoyable and more. Christmas shopping maybe???🎁🎁🎄🎄🎄


I hope today is good to you @Dec  ❤️💚💛

Re: Life can be a Pain

Hi @Shaz51 


I took at look at the radar up the Central Coast and there is a bit of rain around - hopefully enough to douse those fires but not a cyclone I hope - we don't need one of those to add to the flood, drought, fire cycle - I really hope so anyway


And I know the hot weather drains you - actually I don't know how you keep going with all your work and your health - but you seem to - you are one great Aussie Battler


And it's Tuesday!! I have to add my favourite Tuesday clipart special - because I can


Sending hugs Shaz - and support - knowing there was some tension last night - alas - it happens


Love from your second Mum




thL53BMB42.jpgHi - I'm back - it must be Tuesday

Re: Life can be a Pain

Hi @Maggie 


It's great to be outside when the weather is warmer - I don't go out when it's really hot - existing with the A/C in an insulated house is fine by me - when I first moved up here 16 years ago I didn't have either and it was baking hot in here - much better now


Oatmeal cookies with sultanas is my get-and-cook in a hurry favourite and this time was the first time I have used the vanilla sugar - it added a frosted look to my cookies - for Christmas I might add crystalized cherries as well - and I don't measure anything - add what I feel like and cook it until it smells perfect and that's about half-an-hour including cooking time and - aw - yeah - I hate them all already


I love raspberries - I have noticed that the punnets look very ordinary recently - maybe they need to be in season - I am not sure where they come from - 


Looking up info on the net can be a moveable feast - after that little search I found they originate in Europe and are related to the rose bushes, rare in Perth and they like a temperate climate - also they don't like the afternoon sun


After all that lately I have been buying frozen raspberries - and I would love to try your raspberry jam - that is too ambitious for me - my ex-h used to make jam - and bread - which did tend to clutter my kitchen up but if he wanted to - that was okay


We had several plum trees growing on our block - but the plums were so acidic no one wanted to eat them - even the birds tended to avoid them but my ex-h decided to make jam and had to add so much sugar I was skeptical about eating it - I don't think I ever did - I wanted to avoid the high intake of sugar


I'm not doing much Christmas shopping - I am hoping the sun will come out and I will take a walk up to the pharmacy to get my scripts filled and maybe buy some small items to give people something to unwrap - mostly I am giving money to my nearest and dearest and then they can do whatever they like - buy themselves something personal, something useful or pay some bills - it's their choice - but still it is nice to have something to unwrap


And it is great to have recovered from whatever ailed me  for several days the weekend before last - whatever it was my daughter was sick too and she was in hospital for a few days - I wonder whether it was the date for both of us - but then - I wasn't game to eat anything that I had eaten some of before I got sick - the rest of my meatloaf and vegies and the cocktail franks I had enjoyed so much


But my appetite seems to be back - I think I will have some pizza for lunch


Thanks Maggie



Re: Life can be a Pain

So pleased to hear @Dec  that you are fully recovered from your previous illness.  Interesting that your daughter also got ill.  Could be one of those 24-hour bugs doing the rounds?


I'm like you Dec, if its stinking hot outside ... I will be inside.  Thankfully we finally got aircon early last year, so this will be our second summer with the comforts of having aircon to keep cool.  It makes such a huge difference.  We get a lot of humidity here too which is very energy sapping.  Today its meant to be 35C max temp, but I was just outside to collect mail from our box, and I think its at least that hot already. Actually I just checked the weather site and it says its officially 34.3C, but 'feels like'  36C.  We get that a lot here, something to do with humidity I think, as well as other factors.  At least there is a bit of a breeze, which probably  prevents that 'feels like' temp from being somewhat higher.


Your oatmeal cookies sound delicious, wish you could have shared some here before you went and ate them all.  😮 Oh well, maybe the next batch?  I do like the sound of the added glace cherries.  Yummm.


I like all berries (straw, blue, rasp, mull and black), and there are a few berry farms in this area.  As far as I know raspberries (probably my favourite) are in peak season from about Nov to Apr ... our summer in other words.  Perfect for decorating those christmas time pavlova's!  I have a mulberry tree here, but unfortunately with the big dry and no water around here, it is dying before my very eyes.  Along with a couple of citrus trees ... mandarin and lemon. And several large screening and shading bushes. Sad. 


Love the sound of your jam @Maggie ... I make orange/lemon marmalade here when the citrus is in season.  Made several large batches last year and again earlier this year.  Its particularly good too, if I do say so myself. I give most of it away because we cannot use it all ourselves.  But with the drought and shortage of water now, I probably wont have any citrus to jam up this next season. 


@Dec  I wonder if those plums you mentioned which were so tart, were they damson plums by any chance?  They are very very tarty and really only good for jam.  But they do make delicious jam.  Its an old fashioned type of plum which has since gone out of fashion I think, overtaken by new more palateable varieties. But we had several trees of them in our orchard out on our remote farm, lots of small oval-shaped plums (different to normal plums which tend to be round).  Always had damson jam in the cupboard.  And apricot jam as well, with the kernels in.  Nice.


I wont be doing much christmas shopping this year either.  I gave family my creative artistic diamond paintings for an early christmas present when I visited last week.  The grandkids and stepkids I will probably send gift vouchers because they are too far away to visit.  And my 2 nephews I will put money into their bank accounts as they are both saving up to buy cars.  One is 20yo and the other 18yo.  The 18yo has just got his heavy rigid drivers licence and is off doing long haul deliveries with his dad.  He needs a licenced driver with him until he does another test to give him his full P Plate truck licence.  He is a farm kid though and has lots of experience driving all sorts of vehicles and farm machinery, he wont have any problems.


Good you now have your appetite back ... pizza for lunch sounds pretty good to me.  I just had corned beef and pickles sandwiches, followed by a few cherries for after.


Stay well @Dec 


Sherry 💖

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