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Re: Introduce yourself here

Thanks so much for your reply - it's very much appreciated. I agree that
since I'm choosing to stay I need to build up my life and friendships
outside the relationship and make plenty of space for myself. I am doing
some of that and find it helps a lot. What you say about enabling is right
- not hard hearted at all :-) I haven't paid enough attention to assessing
what I can do to limit that and I'm going to really think about it.

I have to do some work now but will be back on this forum for sure.

You take care too :-)

Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi everyone.

What brings you here?

I found this forum while searching for information to help someone in my family going through the beginning cycle of antidepressants. I'm hoping that I can find some information to help best support them, especially during the beginning weeks when medication and psych appointments have only just begun. From my beginning searching I think I've come to the right place, and it's good to see so much love and support here <3


Random facts:

I have studied psychology, and it's lent a hand in working through this.

I absolutely love children.They teach you so much about enjoying every moment, exploring things for the first time, and have a wonderful imagination.



Re: Introduce yourself here

Sounds good @Roslyncicely ..... I look forward to seeing you here.


Hi @rayne_rayne and welcome to the forums.  There are many here with a live for children, teachers amongst them, and others studying psychology and mental health courses.  I hope you quickly begin to feel at home.


Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi and thank you for the welcome :-)  It's such a relief to know I can talk to people who understand and I already feel supported by that. It's quite difficult to attach the word 'carer' to myself but in some way I think it's going to help. When behaviours are over the top -quick to anger, accusing people of things, blaming people for things they couldn't possibly have done - all the many things - and how I have to deal with them - I do know I'm not having an equal relationship with a normally functioning person and do feel more like a carer than a partner, although she would be horrified to know this.

Re: Introduce yourself here

I just found this forum. Right now I’m walking the streets - needing some

time out after yet another challenging night at home - and on my

phone googling to find some sort of support, or an outlet, or both.

Fingers crossed, but I think I’ve lucked upon the right place...

Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi @PlayedOut

Welcome aboard, sounds like things are a bit rough for you.  Would love to tag you in some threads where  members can help you, perhaps you could let us know who you care, a brief summary of your current problem and three things about yourself.


Re: Introduce yourself here

You are fantastic, I am feeling low today but after reading your post, you give me heart. I am the carer of my 72 year old husband who had schizophrenia and bad arthritis. He is a chain smoker as well. I get lonely and despondent. At the moment, I am finding it hard to get out and ENJOY. I go shopping walk my beautiful dog,walk on the beach etc. I am trying to do all the things that are supposed to help me but alas they don’t help. I want my husband but he is in another world, my sisters my friends, all seem to enjoy life. Me, it’s just another day. I am putting Christmas decorations up at the moment, just going through the motions. I will go out for a coffee later. @Raine

Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi @Raine

'This the season of discontent ...

So often it seems as though everyone else has got it together while our loved ones struggle along and are miserable ... 


Good on you for putting up the decorations 😀. Catching up with someone who makes me laugh is a strategy I use when joy is evasive. 


Do you have any carer support groups or services you access? I have found some lovely friends who are also caregivers, whilst catching up can be a bit hit and miss due to the nature of caring, they are wonderfully understanding. 



Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi, I'm a single mum. My 20 year old son has been diagnosed with BPD. He attempted suicide about 6 weeks ago, 3 weeks ago  crashed his ute, was arrested for drink driving,  lost his job, moved back home with me and his younger brother. I have been trying to get him help for years.

Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi @Jane13,

Welcome to the forums firstly! I hope you find it a helpful and supportive place to talk about what is happening for you Smiley Happy

It sounds like as a family you have been through an incredibly tough period of shocks and turmoil recently. I can hear you have been working hard to get him the right support and that takes a lot out of a person. I know you will find other people on the forums who can relate.

Please have a look around at other discussions and of course feel free to jump in. If you would like to 'tag' another member you can put an @ in front of their name and they will receive a notification of your post.

I hope to see you more on the forums, take care while you are going through this and supporting your sons.


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