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Anyone started with the NDIS?


Tells my story from initial application (Feb '17) to acceptance by NDIS (July '18) and the process of putting things in place and progress, improvements, managing and difficulties since then.  Now Jan '19.


Original post :  I've recently moved and will need to get into the NDIS in my new location.  Wondering if anyone in the forums has successfully done this?  Any advice would be welcome.  Feeling swamped by their website.


EDIT :  I was finally accepted to the NDIS and am now 3 weeks into my 2nd plan.  With only a small reduction from the first year.  And this plan is for 2 years so I don't have to jump through all the hoops with a review this time next year.   To all others on this path I say ........



Hoping this thread helps all who come here.  


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Re: Anyone started with the NDIS?

Hi @eth, Have you found a good GP in the location you have moved too. If so I would be starting there explaining that you are finding the website a nightmare to navigate. 

Good luck.

Re: Anyone started with the NDIS?

@eth. I personally have never used them, however, it's understandable you are experiencing problems with their web-site. Perhaps they are swamped and their site is temporarily overloaded. All I can offer, for now is keep trying. have you tried phoning them? I guess you're getting their recorded message as in: 'Please hold, your call is important etc. If they're anything like C'link, or other govt depts, all I can say is, as I said earlier, persevere.

Re: Anyone started with the NDIS?

Thanks for replying @Heart and @pip.

Re: Anyone started with the NDIS?

I found website intimidating too. @eth My area is not getting it for a while so I let it go.

Good Luck with it though.

Re: Anyone started with the NDIS?

I really thought some people in the forums would be with the NDIS by now.  Looking for advice about their intake process from others who've experienced it.

Re: Anyone started with the NDIS?

Hi @eth

I have a young friend who is on the NDIS. I'll be seeing her and her elderly mother tomorrow so I'll see what I can find out for you. 🎶💕

Re: Anyone started with the NDIS?

Hi @eth ! We're new to the forums but we put in our ndis application about 4 months ago and haven't heard anything yet, although they did say to expect a 6 month wait to find out if we got in or not. Our clinical manager helped with the forms but we can go into more details if it'd be helpful?

Re: Anyone started with the NDIS?

Lol-ing to the logic that would be at least some of us on it by now. The logic isn't flawed. Reality seems to be so, however.

Good luck, both to @eth and @MattyToo. 6month wait just to see if eligible sounds exhausting. Memories here of visa applications, reading that :/

Re: Anyone started with the NDIS?

Thanks for getting back to me @MattyToo @Sehnsucht @Kurra @Appleblossom.  Sorry it's taken me so long to reply but I still can't access the forums from my new laptop and have to use a borrowed tablet when I can.  Finally got thru to a service with support workers this week, only to have them confirm I DO need an NDIS plan and funding approval to get help from them. So I bit the bullet and rang NDIS. They are posting out forms to be done by me and my Dr and psychologist and returned to them by 10 March. Problem :  ap't with psychologist is not til 9 March!  I will try to get an extension of deadline from them.  It took 40 minutes on hold to get that done.  I also had to give them consent to access my Centrelink records.   So much anxiety about the whole process.  Especially as I've only relocated interstate recently and am a new patient to the people I need to fill out the forms.  Have to wait til 23 March to start with a new psychiatrist.

the whole thing feels like a catch 22 situation coz a support worker would be helping me go thru this process.  And it seems like if you have support services in place already you are more likely to get NDIS approval.

Thank goodness for the family support I have.  I can see how isolation like I had where I lived before would make it just seem too hard.

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