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Re: Anyone started with the NDIS?

Thanks for that @Appleblossom , i will bear that in mind. 

Hope today is a good one for u.

Re: Anyone started with the NDIS?

Yesterday I met (via phone) a peer mentor from the local disability alliance.  Very interesting person with lots of advice about how to make NDIS work better for me.  They are going to help me with all sorts of things once I get my new plan, which should be next week.  Anticipating it with significant anxiety.  I am not good at change but working at telling myself I will adapt if necessary, I got through it last year.  And that it's ok if it takes a bit of time to get things organised the way I want them.

2 specific things they will help me with is changing and engaging a new Coordinator of Supports that does not work for the same organisation that's providing support workers, and learning how to understand the NDIS portal on the myGov website. 

There are other things we discussed also e.g. not needing the periodic reviews that the support organisations have been doing - that in fact they are done so the organisation can account to the NDIS and remain accredited, not really for my benefit.  That actually I can do such periodic assessment myself if I want to (of goals, progress and necessary steps to proceed with).

Also e.g. how to claim payment for support workers to cover me interviewing them prior to deciding if I want to work with them.


I know there was more but can't remember it all atm.

Re: Anyone started with the NDIS?

Sorry all I've been so preoccupied and anxious the last couple of weeks that I've lost track of who to tag here anymore.  @Doglover @s-jay @Appleblossom @nashy @PurpleKathy @Queenie @greenpea  and anyone else who passes by here.

Today was the last day of my 1st NDIS plan.  The new one is meant to come thru' tomorrow, but I know there's no guarantee it will.  At least I found out I can continue my usual support workers until the new plan is up and running, but not my coordinator of supports apparently.  I was really angsting about not having support beyond yesterday, to the point of doing a huge grocery shop in case I couldn't get out.  OCD type cyclic thinking so much of the last 2-3 weeks.  A month now since I had my review meeting, which was also a huge source of anxiety before, during and after.  The old NDIS rollercoaster that I managed to leave alone for some months due to having a routine with regular support workers.

I haven't even been able to post about how I was feeling coz it's just too many issues and whatifs to talk about.  Let alone type.  

@greenpea  I think you've been through a plan rollover but maybe I'm wrong. 


Any words of wisdom would be welcome tonight.

Edit :  @outlander  this is more of what's filling my head today.

Re: Anyone started with the NDIS?

Hi @eth ,

Rly sorry ur going thru a tough time. Cant help with any advice re ndis but rly hope things work out for u sooner rather than later, and the transition is as smooth as posiible.

Sitting with u.

Doglover x

Re: Anyone started with the NDIS?

@eth  Hi eth sorry it has taken me all day to get back to you have been exhausted and so busy with sick son2 etc.  I am on my second week with support workers and they are fantastic. Two indigenous women about my age and we go for walks first and then do shopping. and cooking. I feel very safe with them which was my major concern. I hope your ndis problems get sorted out quick. Youjust don't need that extra stress.xx

Re: Anyone started with the NDIS?

Thanks a lot @Doglover and @greenpea   It's so good to have support here at the moment.

Great to hear you're happy and feel safe with your support workers @greenpea .  They can make so much difference to your life.  Sorry to hear your son is sick.  Hope he gets better soon.


Well today is the big day but no news yet....I delayed coming on line until I felt up for reading it but it hasn't come yet.  One of those days where I'll be checking my inbox frequently.  Telling myself not to hold my breath but .....

Re: Anyone started with the NDIS?

Just had an email from the NDIS planner saying that my plan will be approved and sent to me later today.  Still no indication what she has agreed to fund, but at least reassured that there won't be a delay in them sending it to me.

Re: Anyone started with the NDIS?

Any news @eth ?

Hope ur doing ok. Xx

Re: Anyone started with the NDIS?

Hi @Doglover @greenpea @s-jay @Appleblossom @nashy @Queenie @PurpleKathy 

Celebration time, come on!!!

My new plan came through and it's for 2 years and is only very slightly reduced.  

I'm really happy overall.  They didn't fund the mental health specific driver training and reduced my psychology by about 5 sessions a year, but it's a really good package otherwise.  Thankyou so much to all who've supported me through the last few weeks.


Re: Anyone started with the NDIS?

@eth  That is wonderful news eth! 2 years is fabulous too. Not having to worry for two years is brilliant. Smiley Happyxxx

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