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Re: A long rave

Thanks @Angels333

Will see how it goes. Not convinced it's my scene as I didn't apply to it. But time will tell.
Nice to see you %)

Re: A long rave

Thanks @Angels333  xxx

Re: A long rave

Thanks @Shaz51 , hugs to u too.

I'm sorry to hear u hav lots of physical problems too, must b challenging with hubby's mi. 

Thinking of u. Xxx

Re: A long rave

Thinking of you too @Doglover 

Hoping you can fi d something in your coping box to help you tonight xxxx 

Re: A long rave

@eth Such a full on day for you Hon. So much to process and you are right - that takes time - so allow yourself that time and do what you need to do to work through it.


It sounds like your night out was a lot of fun ...sangria will do that lol


Such great news about your bone density tests too Eth - that is wonderful news Smiley Very Happy

Re: A long rave

@greenpea Hope you have had a super pea day and your night is easy for you Heart


@Angels333 Hugs to you too Hon Heart


@Shaz51 @Doglover Thinking of you both too Heart

Re: A long rave

@Maggie Some of these Heart back to you Hon Smiley Very Happy

Re: A long rave

Thanks so much @Shaz51 my friend. Xxx

Re: A long rave

Thanks so much @Zoe7 , my thoughts r with u also. Xxx

Re: A long rave

Hey @Doglover Much love to you Hon Heart

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