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Re: A long rave

Hi @eth , sounds like a nice busy day for you yesterday.  Hope you have a good time at water tai chi, i always get a smile when I read about you doing that.  Makes me think of swimming in the pool and being in a sauna.  The ladies (mostly) used to do aqua aerobics at the centre I used to vist.  They were a great bunch of people and helped me when I was feeling pretty down and depressed about things.  Have a wonderful day and thanks for the shout out.  Smiley Happy Heart

Re: A long rave

Shout out too all the people in this forum.


I am new to it but I definitely think it’s a great thing everyone is on here talking about their issues.


If I knew this forum existed 6 months ago I could have been in a much better place now. Hindsight is funny though and I can only control today.


keep fighting people!

Re: A long rave

Hey @Macca00 ,


Nice to see you getting around a bit.  It's one day at a time for most of us I think.  You sound in a much better place now Smiley Happy


Take care mate Smiley Happy

Re: A long rave

Hey @eth A better day today but still so much to do tonight. Hope you had a good day - haven't read over much so not sure what you were up to. It is Tuesday so I suspect you had water tai chi - hope it was relaxing Smiley Very Happy


@Macca00 Welcome to the forum. Hope you find it a helpful and supportive place for you Smiley Happy


@Gazza75 @greenpea Hi to you both - hope your days were okay too Smiley Happy


@Doglover Haven't heard from you for a while so hope you are getting the help and support you need in hospital. Heart

Re: A long rave

Anyone else find they seem to be talking one thing and the other person is totally on some other tangent that suits them? Justtotally fell in a heap because the guy that does the gardening and contracting with the drug rehab guys came. T had said she would get him to come and see about removing the rubbish I am trying to get rid of. He kept going on about bringing in a team of men for a few hours at $110 an hour but he wanted to be paid in advance because others say they would pay and then didn't and kept on about how many hours I would pay for and things. Totally melted down. I CANNOT stand having someone come in to go through my stuff. I know I have a lot of junk to get rid of, but I don't want anyone doing it FOR me. I made the mistake a few years ago of letting someone come in to "help" clean some things. That is part of the reason I am where I am now. They scooped up and threw out everything they could get their hands on, including shoes, books, photos, cd;s, and a lot of other stuff, some of which was not even mine that I am still having to slowly pay for! Now it seems that if I want rubbish taken away I am being told that I have to go through that invasion and abuse again. I just cannot do it. I can get a skip bin, but there are none available for at least a month. Should I just tell them that I will keep my rubbish until I can get one, or take the chance on them trying to force their way in? And how do I convince them I do not want or need a team of men here for hours when all I need is the rubbish taken away? My brain and body are telling me to keep them right away and tell them they are being abusive. But then again my brain is telling me that I am over reacting and that I should be able to tell them to not spend hours, just take the rubbish. But I do not know how or if I can do that. I am not making a lot of sense in my own mind at the moment, so I probably am not making a lot of sense here either.  Should I just wait and see what happens or cancel them or try to force them to understand or what? I have sent T a message but don't know if it made any sense telling her that he did not understand and was not much use and did not listen. I feel that my brain is just in overdrive and am trying to get it to slow down.

Re: A long rave

Hi @cutiepiekitty 


I think you should be able to make it so that they just take the rubbish.    No one should force their way in to your home and go through your stuff without your consent. 


I hope you can find a solution  and be relaxed about it all. 



Re: A long rave

Hi @eth , thank u for thinking of me and for ur support.

Things aren't going too well, my symptoms r out of control. I can't begin to describe how torturous they are. The physical head symptoms especially,as well as burning sensation throughout my body, plus lots more. It's just horrible. I wish I cld hav better news but I just don't at the moment.

I hope you are doing ok Eth.

Thanks again for thinking of me.

Doglover Xxx 💜

Re: A long rave

Hi @Zoe7 , thank u for thinking of me. Things r pretty bad atm. My symptoms r just out of control, especially my head symptoms. Too hard to describe but absolutely torturous. I'm doing it so tough I can't even out it into words. The Dr reckons it's psychosomatic, I'd like him to experience this then see if he still feels the same!!

 Anyway, I hope u r doing well Zoe and taking good care of urself..

Doglover Xxx 💜

Re: A long rave

@Doglover I am so sorry to hear about so much pain you are going through and mentally as well, and for that pssyc to turn around and say it's all in your head is horrible and shouldn't be practising either.

Are you still in hospital where they can monitor you and try to help you with. Everything.

You will be in my prayers tonight and hope that each day you can feel a bit better. 

Hugs for you🤗💖


Re: A long rave

A Big Hi and Good Morning to @Zoe7 @Mazarita @saturnzoon @Doglover @Angels333 @eth @Pilgrim @cutiepiekitty @Adge wishing you all a kind and caring Wednesday. Lots of love peaxxx


Special shout out to @Exoplanet  wishing you well hunny. Always in my

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