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Re: A long rave

They are @greenpea and they have been fed too so they are even happier now lol

Toby is already snuggled next to me and won't move far from that spot all night now unless I get up and he follows me. Going to do a little washing tonight so it will dry tomorrow while I am at work. It has been a nice day here today and expected much of the same tomorrow. What else have you been up to today apart from walking and your meeting?

Re: A long rave

Thanks @Zoe7 and @greenpea for warmth and support.


Had a plumbing day that blew out in time.  Should be done tomorrow. The fellow was stressing and needed a bit of calming down. In the meantime I had to cancel city flashmob, but no real harm done.  In a way it made me thoughtful about all the things that go to being functional or dysfunctional....  Being a man and stressing about the job ... and what is normal and what we take for granted.


I am more thoughtful than annoyed which relieved him greatly. Cant get my knickers in a knot over renos ...Smiley Tongue

Re: A long rave

@Zoe7  went out with son2 to the bakery. It is his morning to get treats he really loves to spend that time together which is nice Smiley Happy. Had a much needed cat nap this afternoon Smiley Happy

Re: A long rave

You are right @Appleblossom some things are just not worth the stress and things happen that we just need to deal with. It is much like that with the kids - some get stressed about making mistakes but we tell them we love mistakes because that is how we learn - they usually accept that and it calms them down.


@greenpea Lovely to be going out with son2 - for both of you. ...and that you had a cat nap. I layed down in the staffroom today and told them to wake me in 20 minutes - suffice to say no-one would let me sleep and even suggested if I did that I may not wake up looking the same - enough said ...the ratbags would have drawn all over me lol

Re: A long rave

@Appleblossom  renos are sooooo stressful at the best of times. If something could go wrong it generally does. Good on you for being philosophical about it all I agree with you re not 'getting knickers in a knot' as all that happens is it gets you upset and doesn't help the situation. Cool calm collected Appleblossom Smiley Happyxxxx

Re: A long rave

Thanks @saturnzoon ! All good, you can still post your post if you want. Sorry I didn't reply to you sooner.


Thanks for the tag @greenpea ! It's been a while. Cat Embarassed Hope you have all been well. Managing ups and downs can be tough but I'm always glad to read the community taking care of each other.


I've been around just quietly. Not been posting as much because @Ali11 has been doing a fantastic job! Cat Happy

Re: A long rave

@Zoe7  Hehe! they probably would have Smiley Very Happy

Re: A long rave

What an awesome neighbour @greenpea! Also, it's so lovely that you thanked her with flowers, do you think that sincere appreciation has decreased in society today?


Re: A long rave

Ha ha @greenpea only cos I bin there and dun dat ... took a long time to get that way re renos ... 50ish years ... seen a few and done a bit ... ha ha ... very stressful at times with littlies ... thank god thats over ... til the next batch are cooked ...

Smiley Tongue

@thecolourblue Hey great to see you still here after all deez years.

Yep @Ali11  is in there and we sure appreciate dat.

Smiley Happy

@Zoe7 For a long time ... there was only one mistake and that seemed my marriage choices ... but I am getting over dat. PLenty of good choices in all.

So glad the school appreciates you.

Smiley Happy

Really hope your mum settles.  Mumming is more complicated than being a mummer ala Elizabethan ...

Smiley Happy


Re: A long rave

evening @Appleblossom @Mazarita @Ali11 @greenpea @thecolourblue @Zoe7 @Determined @TAB @CheerBear @BlueBay @Shaz51 @Darcy @Meowmy and all.

Went and put my new forms in this morning to NDIS and made sure we got copies and signed a report stating that they received them, so they cant come back this time saying they lost them. Myworker wanted to do some other stuff with me but i don't feel comfortable with her she is to pushy for me and talks over you,so i told her my menta. health is playing up and just wanted to go home and i must of been tired cause i slept till about 2pm, which i never sleep during the day, so not sure why there.

I  told you all about the 4 bedroom house ive been offered. i have only seen the outside as the workers are repairing it and we can't see the inside till they finish, which may be tomorrow uniting housing said and then Monday we can check the inside out, it looks omoutside fences all around so dogs can't get out. Hope it has aircon and NBN ready, excited to see it but also nervous., 


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