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Anxiety, how I overcame it

For many of us finding we have anxiety is like we've had it all our life but an event comes along that pops the cork and it hits us hard.

In 1973 I'd joined the RAAF and I had anxiety then. At 21yo I joined Pentridge Jail as a prison officer. That took my anxiety to a whole new level as did my next profession as a PI at 24yo. During this period my brother took his life. But it was at the age of 31yo that the cork popped.

A simple situation of mini corruption faced me. I'd prided myself of my honesty through those other professions. Suddenly, as a council worker, a dog ranger, I was told to give preferential treatment to a politician. In that period Australia had politicians that wanted such treatment to avoid import tax (the colour TV affair and the Paddington bear affair) in both cases the customs officer tried to enforce tax and the pollies tried to avoid it. In my case I refused to allow preferential treatment to tarnish my reputation.

At work while arguing my point I got a sharp chest pain. Initially a heart attack was diagnosed. This was later changed to panic attack. I had to change my job.

I entered therapy. I learned muscle tensioning exercises (still doing them today) and had to learn to relax. Also law enforcement was no longer an option. As my therapist said "its no good being rigid black and white when people have 8 billion shades of grey".

A change from city to country living was essential. A reliable car. Medication. Financial budgetting was an important move to relieve stress but one of the most important moves was ridding my life of toxic people that didn't contribute towards my life in a positive manner.

Im quite extroverted however to survive among people I had to choose when to be an introvert and hide away for a while. This "back to basics" was amazing. Watching a flower bloom can take an hour, watching a full sunset 2 hours. That was the final step I needed to take and that guidence was received from a non religious man called Maharaji Prem Rawat. His wisdom helps millions.

Maharaji first became famous at 9yo when comforting grieving villagers. On TV at 13yo. Now in his 70's travels the world.
Maharaji prem rawat youtube sunset
Maharaji prem rawat youtube the perfect instrument
And many more.

Overcoming my anxiety took 22 years. Like many illnesses all ingredients have their place. As one they work. Leave one out and it flops.

Thankyou for reading.
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Re: Anxiety, how I overcame it

Hi @Whiteknight
Thsnks for sharing. Your story reminds me of someone on the "other forum" (the one that banned me) thst wrote the same. Maybe it's you😊
I just remember your story about working in prison. If it's the same person I'm so glad you're on this forum.
looking forward to chatting to you WK
BB xx
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Re: Anxiety, how I overcame it

Yes thats me @BlueBay

Im happy ive met up with you again. Glad you've moved on and found calm.

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Re: Anxiety, how I overcame it

I knew it was you!!! We chatted a lot before and I'm glad you're here now. Not sure if you remember me. I was sexually abused as a child by 3 family members. When I told my parents they didn't want to know. They didn't talk to me for 4 yrs then we spoke agsin fir a year then agsin not talk for a few yrs. now talking again.
Great to chat with you @Whiteknight.
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Re: Anxiety, how I overcame it

If its who I think you are the baybeach is nearby.

WKSmiley Happy
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Re: Anxiety, how I overcame it

Yeah that's right 😊