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Looking after ourselves

Senior Contributor

possible BPD

Hello all....Just wondering if anyone out there shares my experience. It’s been suggested by my GP to see a psychologist (possible BPD), not so much to delve into childhood problems to reveal what might or might not have occurred, but just to learn some coping strategies for escalating anger & over-the-top reactions to supposedly minor things. Can I be helped at my age (65)? Has this been successful for anyone? 


Re: possible BPD

Hey @LooneyToones 


just personally I think that anyone can learn to change behaviours at almost any age and 65 is still very much in the sweet spot for that 😊. I also have lots vested in this as well as I’m not young either at 52 and am really learning so much now. Possibly seeing a psychologist there may be more to gain than to lose, you always have choices to change psychologists as well if the first one doesn’t feel the right fit. In my opinion (not based on anything more than my thoughts) I think it might be helpful to approach the psychologists about the behaviours that are causing you concern. I have many over the top reactions too that I’m trying to learn to overcome. Many of us have BPD traits that cause difficulties without a full diagnosis of BPD. I’ve found it helpful to work through specific things(traits)  with a psychologist. I hope this helps. 

Re: possible BPD

Thanks @Teej that does help. 😊

Re: possible BPD

Hi @LooneyToones, you can learn strategies at any age. How are you handling this diagnosis? 

Re: possible BPD

Hi @Ali11 . Not been officially diagnosed ; just was mentioned to me years ago and since researching myself, seem to tick a few boxes. I have a referral to a psychologist but haven’t made an appt yet 😞


Re: possible BPD

Great that you have a referral already @LooneyToones. Hope the appointment will be valuable for you.

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