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Looking after ourselves

Re: not feeling good

smiling see Toby sitting ther watching the other dog play @Zoe7

how about Jersey @BlueBay

Re: not feeling good

Jerseys inside on her bed as it’s too wet outside @Shaz51


Re: not feeling good

Jerseys is very smart @BlueBay, I think the couch is calling me Smiley HappyHeart

Re: not feeling good

Hey @BlueBay @Shaz51 Toby is back where he usually is - snuggled beside me - he gave up trying to play with his cousin a long time ago lol - he now just sits and watches him run amuck haha

It sucks that it is gloomy weather for you BB - a walk would have been great for you.

Re: not feeling good

I know a walk would have been good @Zoe7 i feel so couped up. 

I’ll be back later. Xx

Re: not feeling good

Maybe take a drive to get an ice-cream or chocolate (or something else you like) @BlueBay - get you out of the house for a short time and get something you enjoy to eat.


Re: not feeling good

I think now I’ll just stsy here and do nothing. I’m not very motivated to do much. Prob watch sons of anarchy for a while. 

We just had pasta for dinner. What are you having @Zoe7


Re: not feeling good

I had mexican mince with salad @BlueBay - it was yummy. Smiley Very Happy

I feel like an ice-cream sundae myself after suggesting ice-cream to you - I generally don't like ice-cream but Maccas chocolate sundaes I love lol - I won't go out though - already have my jammies on waiting for the footy to start tonight.

Re: not feeling good

Is there something wrong with going out in jammies ??! .... 😆


Re: not feeling good

hahaha @Faith-and-Hope only thing wrong with it tonight is that it is too cold lol

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