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Looking after ourselves

Re: The Challenges of Mental Health Wellbeing

@Sans911 how are you tonight?

Re: The Challenges of Mental Health Wellbeing

I saw that post iny notifications @outlander

and I thought it was a delayed notification lol!


A day without SI is always an ok/alright kind of day lil Sis. I had a meeting yesterday with a mh worker about a return to work program their organisation is about to start up.


This woman was really interested in things I had to say about my MI, my experiences of the mh system and other related stuff. We talked for two hours. Anyway, she disclosed she also had BPD, depression and anxiety. I got really triggered at the time, because I was discussing my recent ideation. But she sent me a check in email in the afternoon which was nice. And I went to a nearby shopping centre to browse and get out of my head for a while before coming home.


I needed to chat to HC after I got home, but it wasn't that helpful. I settled down eventually. But today I feel the benefits of that talk. Someone, a complete stranger, was genuinely interested in me, she cared enough to check on me later, and I wasn't judged or stigmatised or anything. It was really beneficial.


So, long story short, today I've been calm, even with the pdoc and case manager. I even managed a laugh over something small with them both. Small moments, but alright moments.

Re: The Challenges of Mental Health Wellbeing

That is really great @Sans911 thr program sounds rather interesting and possibly something beneficial for quite a few people.. Im glad the mh worker checked in on you and wasnt judgmental. Not alot of people do that sort of thing nowadays.

Its good to hear youve been calm and had moments of laughter today. It can make a world of difference sometimes...

Re: The Challenges of Mental Health Wellbeing

The furry ones are having a 10pm run around like elephants moments!


I'm almost struggling to stay awake so I'm going to log out hun. I hope you get some rest or sleep tonight.


Goodnight @outlander


Re: The Challenges of Mental Health Wellbeing

Goodnight @Sans911 sleep well

Re: The Challenges of Mental Health Wellbeing

Hey lil Sis, I bet you're out and about in your zippy new car. I hope you day hasn't been too difficult.


I'm just cleaning my house and making the other bed as I have a woman staying here for almost 2 weeks. She is French & is studying some post grad degree. I'll pick her up tomorrow afternoon.


I'll be around but not posting until later, but feel free to tag me if you need.



Re: The Challenges of Mental Health Wellbeing

Re: The Challenges of Mental Health Wellbeing

Re: The Challenges of Mental Health Wellbeing

How is the paper sorting going @Sans911?

Re: The Challenges of Mental Health Wellbeing

Almost there @Zoe7

Why is the last small things you need to do the hardest? I have a small box of personal trinkets, bits and bobs but it's so hard to make a decision where they go. So I just end up putting them back in the same place.


I'm like you in that everything should have a place, and if someone were to ask where a certain item was I could put my hand on it straight away.


I'll try again over the weekend as I'm so tired now. I've done a fair bit today.


I only have a little left of the lounge room to sort-like some magazines, cds, and other things. Then I need to continue with trying to sell things I don't need. Considering a year & a half ago, you couldn't set foot in the lounge room because boxes were stacked to the door, and the lounges stood on their ends, I've done ok to do it all myself.


And I'll likely just get to the end of all that, and be allocated social housing & have to pack up and move.


Sorry, that ended up being a bit of a long post.

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