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Looking after ourselves

Re: My self care motorcycle and photography adventure

I am also hoping to participate in a large group ride for mental health awareness in March. 
(@Moderator hoping it is ok to talk about that given it is in every state and in multiple locations for each state and on hte same day so anonymity should not be an issue).

It will be a great way to meet new people, experience a guided tour through new country (for me) while raising money and awareness for a great cause. 



Re: My self care motorcycle and photography adventure

Hi @Determined 

I think your post is fine with little risk of breaching your anonymity. Congratulations on considering the MH ride. Sounds like a great contribution!




Re: My self care motorcycle and photography adventure

wow @Determined  that will be exciting my friend Smiley Very Happy


Re: My self care motorcycle and photography adventure

There is also a big ride through central Australia but I could not possibly be away from home for that long. 

It is 8 days not including travel to start point / travel home from final destination. more like 2 weeks when you add that on. It would be an incredible experience though. Guess I will have to make do with the 1 day ride Smiley Very Happy 

As it is I will possibly be away for 2 nights due to where my planned ride is hoasted. I could do it but it would be a 4am depart home and 7-8 pm return. Big day on a bike. 

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