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Carers Hints and tips to Success

Hello everyone

Good morning , love to hear all carers hints and tips to success you have found in you journey

1) i have found encouragement to very inportant to us and to the ones we love

2) Being Postive is another one , what a difference in my love one over the years because of having a postive enviroment

there will be still ups and downs in our lives and the lives of our love ones

so what have you found that has helped you and your love ones over the years

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Re: Carers Hints and tips to Success

These are great tips @Shaz51! Thanks for starting this thread. Here's a couple of my own tips:


1.) Remember the person apart from the illness, don't let mental illness define them. 

2.) Be kind to both YOU and your loved. 

Does anyone else have anything to share? @Faith-and-Hope @Janna @perseverer @Darcy?

Re: Carers Hints and tips to Success

As a carer, in broad terms, I have needed:

1. Understanding, patience and a capacity to forgive.
2. Supports and outlets.


Re: Carers Hints and tips to Success

Yes they are good tips @Darcy, @CherryBomb

what do you think @Former-Member, @Carer101, @LustStarrr ??

Re: Carers Hints and tips to Success

Loving this thread ....

Back later ....


Re: Carers Hints and tips to Success

Love to hear more tips xx

how about you @perseverer, @Goldie, @Smc, , @Anony18

Re: Carers Hints and tips to Success

My no. 1 tip in a whole family navigating MI is structure. Routine, predictability, safety, security and stability.

Re: Carers Hints and tips to Success

1) Self love is important. Think of yourself first. Have the outlets you need in those tough moments/days - be it talk to a friend or an activity you love

2) Patience and understanding.

3) Communication is important. This is probably a difficult one trying find the right moment and a cater to different situations. But explaining to your partner that unfortunately you can't read their mind and that you understand he has those tough moments and so it is a matter of communicating you are down and need to be alone or that you are around to listen. 


Re: Carers Hints and tips to Success

Re: Carers Hints and tips to Success

I love this one written by our friend @utopia HeartHeart

Sometimes it's better to focus on things that we have some control over.
It's also good to spend time focusing on what makes us happy or content.
The more we focus on those things - the more we notice good things - the happier we are.


hello and welcome to the forum @Anony18@Frangipani, , @plumbum@crazy@Tanoozle@Princess@Indigo71 and @Uggy78.  

was a good topic tuesday last night , wish there were more topic tuesdays -- what do you think ?? and what should they be about my friends ??

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