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Senior Contributor


how do we change name on here?


Re: mods

Hi Briar,

I was just playing with this and was able to change my name with this method.

Click on your name near the top right of the screen.

Drop down menu, your profile option, click that.

That will take you to your profile. On the right there should be an option in blue that says 'Edit My Settings'. Click that.

You should be able to change your name in there. 



Re: mods

@Victor, I can see how to change everything except my name?

Re: mods

Hi there @-Rayne-

There have been some changes to that process, you now have to email to request one of the moderators to change your name with the new name preferance and they can do it for you.


Lunar Smiley Happy

Re: mods

so all of this above is wrong and according to what we were told in email apparently you aren't allowed to change your name. but i can't even figure out how to cancel my account. it's the most impossible place to effing leave. pissed off

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