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Still very confused about the guidelines

Hi so I know myself and others have raised the issue of the guidelines and what is ok and not ok to post a number of times now and honestly I am still very confused. I have seen a number of quite frankly very triggering posts lately and one of which I reported because I really didn’t think it was ok but nothing happened and the post is still up and I really have even less of and idea what is allowed now. What are you meant to do if you are finding many posts triggering and which you would interpret to be against the guidelines? Ignoring is not always an option especially if you don’t know what you are about to read. 


Re: Still very confused about the guidelines

Hi @Eden1919 . Sorry that you've been feeling confused. We have the guidelines in order to keep people as safe as possible on here, but each of us moderators is going to have our own interpretation. I don't know if you've read the most recent version of the guidelines, but if not, you can do so here. I'm not sure what process you used to report the post you were concerned about and I'm sorry that that got missed. If you still have questions, please feel free to email for further clarification.


Re: Still very confused about the guidelines

@PurplePanda2  I reported it by clicking on the ‘post options’ and clicking report.... I am just very confused because it seems like there is one rule for some people and another for others. Anyway it doesn’t seem like this will ever truly resolve I should have just left it. 

Re: Still very confused about the guidelines

I think there should be trigger warnings in the title of threads. Especially TW suicidal ideation.

Re: Still very confused about the guidelines

@BryanaCamp  Yes I agree trigger warnings for suicide, self harm and eating issues and trauma related things as well. 

Re: Still very confused about the guidelines

Yes @Eden1919  I agree that trigger warnings should give us the liberty to say what extreme pains pain us & to warn other vulnerable folk to avoid such expressions. Thank you for your TW's.


It's gotta be said here, or where-else can it be said? Nowhere. We're just sanctioned into suicidal ideation because we can't candidly express ourselves with our vast feelings before suicidal ideation comes.


Thank you for your input @Eden1919 , I hope the Mods take notice. 

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