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OCTOBER: Community Wrap

10 October.jpg
Welcome to the October Wrap! 👋 to those that wanted a reminder @Dadcaringalone @PeppiPatty @outlander @Boo13 @NatalieS @Shaz51
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handclapping.png Celebrate a member
This month we celebrate @Time! It is not easy to reach out to a new online forum but you have very much gotten involved, shared your story and equally supported others such as here this month. Your experiences that you share help contribute to the supportive and informtaive space here at the forums!
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October is Mental Health Month and in line with this SANE Australia has a campaign running to promote the forums! The campaign is targeted towards rural and regional areas, encouraging people in remote areas to access the forum space. Read more here
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I started out with a mindfulness app and switched to guided meditation. They are short and sweet, about 10 minutes long, and I set aside time each day to do them.  It took  me a while to get in the groove of it, but it's now part of my life.  I certainly found it difficult at first to do self care as I thought of it as selfish.  Turned out it was necessary.  It has helped me so much over the years in all aspects of my life. - said by @SA64 in our Understanding mindfulness Topic Tuesday here
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Re: OCTOBER: Community Wrap

way to go @Time, @SA64

Congratulations and Thank you Heart

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