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anorexia and pre diabetes high blood glucose


Im a bit anxious, just had results of blood test and it was fasted. I have high fasted glucose >6 and this was also the case a few months ago. I now need to do a 2hour glucose monitor test in the next few weeks. This seems odd as i even went for a run before this blood test (exercise compulsion) so bit worries about my high result. And now its getting in my head in terms of recvoery, like limiting sugars (not that i eat much of that anyway) and im now scared to eat sugar and desserts now! My BMI is ok, but i still restrict and alot of the time my meals are hit and miss, and i seem to eat most of my cals late in the evening and over exercise. Just wondering if anyone can relate to these results (high blood glucose) is it just my pancreas thats out of sync and needs retuning, or is it my random meals times that are making it worse? As i mention i dont even eat much carbs or sugar, but since im in recovery its what im working on and this test result has put an anxiety spanner in the machine....



Re: anorexia and pre diabetes high blood glucose

hi @telsaguy
it sounds quite stressful for you. I can understand that as mine has been high before as well.
something that helped me was to speak to a dietitian to help work out where some of the sugars I was eating were coming from. I have an ED so it makes it tricky in terms of things but was good to see where the high result may have come from.
just bear in mind these are just experiences and the best person to speak with would be your gp, a healthcare practice nurse or a dietitian for that extra support and information surrounding this

Re: anorexia and pre diabetes high blood glucose

@teslaguy I struggle with an ED too. I have heard that exercise raises your blood glucose rather than reduce it, it has been the case for me anyway. As @outlander mentioned talking to a dietician is a good idea. And I don't mean to scare you but anorexia has a higher chance of developing diabetes, it's good to check that out in case.

I wish you well, recovery is such a hard and frightening journey.

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