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New Contributor

Not sure what to do

Hi, I'm a 15 year old and I grew up with a very traumatic childhood- which I thankfully have moved away from. Ever since I was about 8 I have been pretty suicidal, I never attempted it but I often spoke of it and had frequent thoughts of it (I am no longer like this, so please do not be scared for me). Ever since those thoughts started popping up in my brain, my mother and I grew further and further apart and I really feel like she does not enjoy being around me. I went to a pshychologist from when I was 10 until about the start of last year because I was cutting, and I really feel like I need it again (I just feel off) but I'm not sure how to bring it up with my mum. You see, she is not understanding at all and anything I am upset about and try to explain to her why I am upset she just yells at me for it. She does not believe in mental illness and just believes that any time that I am upset I am just being a disrespectful brat.


I have been diagnosed with ptsd, and I genuinely feel as though I might have depression or something. And I don't want to self diagnose myself or anything cause that's just not good, and I really want help but I feel as though I cant because of my mum. I just constantly feel exhausted and have zero motivation to do anything anymore. I was doing pretty well a few months ago, but I've recently just been not well. I feel as though I'm worthless and can't do anything right. 


Re: Not sure what to do

@v13nh13rt I am very sorry for what you have and are going through.

Unfortunately this is a forum for 18+ so you may like to look at where you can chat with people more your own age.

Goodluck with finding that connection and help.

Re: Not sure what to do

Sorry, I didn't know that. Thank you though

Re: Not sure what to do

Hi @v13nh13rt (hope I got that right!)...
You poor darling, what a tough place to be in. In my opinion, having a son your age, I think it's pretty crucial you see someone. What about the school wellness support crew? They could really help by potentially offering you some at school counselling sessions. Just make sure you are told that the sessions are confidential. I've just read that this is a place for over 18, but in the meantime, I hope you've at least got a couple of supportive ideas from finding this group. Take lots of care - you are precious and worthwhile xxx

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